A group of highly skilled professionals, seasoned veterans of the IT world, have come together to make your project a reality.
With a multi-skilled team we are able to provide a variety of services to fit your every need.



The Team

João Gonçalves /

Founder, CEO, Front-End Guru

Areas of interest:
– User Interface / User Experience;
– Design / Branding;
– Web based applications;
– Mobile Applications;

Languages: C++, C#, Java, Python, Prolog;
Frameworks: ASP.NET, Django, Gulp;
Web Development: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Underscore, BackBone, AngularJS;
Mobile Development: Android, PhoneGap;
Database Management: MSSQL, MySQL, PostGres;
Testing: Hudson / Jenkins, MSTest, GTest, Model-based_testing.

Ricardo Salvador /

Founder, Java Master

Areas of interest:
– Software Interoperability;
– Middlewares;
– Web based applications;
– Unix/Linux based development;

Database Management: MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL;
Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Python;
Frameworks: ASP.NET, JSF, Play, Spring, Hibernate;
Web Development: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, JavaScript;
Linux Distributions: Ubuntu/Debian, Redhat/Fedora, Archlinux.

David Gonçalves /

Founder, Electronics expert, Prototyping jedi

Areas of interest:
– Electronics;
– Automated systems;
– Prototyping;
– Robotics.

C, C++, Java, Ladder.
Prototyping platforms: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, libelium.
Database Management: Oracle SQL, MySQL.
Reporting and Business Intelligence: Jasper Reports, Logi Analytics.